Underrated beach destination in USA

5 best underrated beach destinations in the USA

                  The best thing to do in this world is to relax ourselves and do useful things to our society. We will be refreshed only when the mind becomes free from any kind of activities. So for doing so we are making ourselves involved in lot of things to make us free. The one of the most important things we do is getting fresh air from beaches. So if you belongs to US you should know which beaches might be best place to view.

                 So in this article we are going to discuss the top most beach destinations to visit in USA, and I will explain where these beaches are located and more things about the beaches can be discussed in this article.

1. Clearwater beach, Florida

                 These beaches are said to be clear water beach because these beaches have clear water and this is the place good to swim. There are so many clear water beaches in Florida and out of that according to the review a beach named Jupiter may be considered as one of the most beloved one to view. There are so many activities can be done in these beaches frequently out of that surfing, snorkeling and paddle-boarding are some of them frequently done in a year. Other clear water beaches to visit in Florida are Crab Island,Destin,Fort De Soto,Rosemary beach,Panama city beach,Beer can Island,etc.

2. Caspersen Beach, Venice, Florida

                   Casperson beach is one of the best beaches to view in USA and it was located in Florida. This beach stretches over 1.5 miles and if we keep walking south for 4 miles away we can reach manasota key, you can see shore birds, also we can also see some kind of sea shells and even luckily nests of sea turtle can also be viewed. Caspersen and venice beach located in venice, Florida is termed as the “Shark tooth capital of the world”. This beach was termed as the one of the best beaches located in USA. As one of the people of US you can enjoy more in this beach. The nature view of this beach is also much excellent to view. If you really want to enjoy the beach views then according to the analytic expert this beach might be one of the best option to consider.

3. Hanauma Bay, Honolulu, Hawaii

                 Hanauma bay is astunning and unique destination located on the southeastern side of oahu, Hawaii. This beach was formed within a volcanic cone, Hanauma bay offers a pristine marine ecosystem. A plan was laid in 1990 to restore the bay since millions of people used to enjoy the bay often.

              This bay was voted as the best beach in the United states in 2016. In 2002 a marine education center was opened and in this center a 9 minutes video would be played and make visitors to view the video and they may learn the marine life, preservation, and safety rules for the park.

4. La Jolla Cove, California

                      The view of this beach itself shows the uniqueness at the top view this beach looks like a curved park. Sometimes if you want to experience the lonely then this beach would be the better option no doubt. You can enjoy the loneliness with calm atmosphere in this beach. This beach was located in California, United States. This beach side includes the sunset view and sea lines will be roaming aside, seaview restaurants and more to enjoy for our kids. This beach was considered as the most pretty areas in southern California. Since the beach was very small we have to be careful during high tides.

5. Oak street beach, Chicago, Illinois

                         Oak street beach is located in lake shore drive at oak street and lake Michigan near the gold coast, Chicago, Illinois. This beach has more amenities as well which includes rental chairs, food and beverage options also included at the oak street beach café in addition with that bikes for rent, volley ball to play can be provided for rental options, restrooms also included in the beach side and a spectacular view of the city skyline is another one of the best thing in this beach. So no doubt this beach might be a good one to choose for vacations. So over many years the oak street beach was remained as one of the chicago’s best place for swimming and bathing also and it was considered as one of the popular place to view in United States.

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